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Gayle Felton Love Thy Neighbor Celebration

This year we are celebrating 65 years of women being in ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church. The event includes the Reverend Donna Fowler-Marchant discussing her new book Mothers in Israel: Methodist Beginnings Through the Eyes of Women and Bishop Hope Morgan Ward. The date is Tuesday June 15th at 7 pm. Look for additional details later.

Voices on Health Care NC Oct 21 2020 - 12th Annual Jack Crum Conference

The Cost and Economic Impact of Our Current Health Care Crisis

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William MunnWilliam Munn
Peg O'ConnellPeg O'Connell
Rebecca CereseRebecca Cerese

Join us as our Speakers for this Evening’s Webinar will focus on the following discussion...

William Munn, Senior Policy Analyst, Health Advocacy Project, NC Justice Center
William Munn will discuss “Our Employment Based Health Insurance and the Coverage Gap.” How funding of healthcare developed and is currently funded in the US. Who is covered and who is left out? What does it cost? How has the Covid-19 crisis made things worse? And US Expenditures on Healthcare vs other Western Countries.

Peg O’Connell, Chair of Care4Carolina
Peg O’Connell share with us “The Cost and Benefits of Medicaid Expansion, a Potential NC Solution.” How Medicaid Expansion would affect healthcare access, improve health outcomes, and impact NC economically. She will discuss impact of Medicaid expansion on other states, efforts to pass Medicaid expansion in NC, and legislation currently before the NC General Assembly.

Rebecca Cerese, Healthcare for All NC
Rebecca Cerese will discuss “Universal Coverage. The Argument for Medicare for All.” Why many believe this type of healthcare financing would be the most cost effective and provide the broadest range of health care coverage. What is the experience in other countries? What are the barriers to adoption & implementation in the US.

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Voices on Health Care NC Oct 14 2020 - 12th Annual Jack Crum Conference

Our Health Care Crisis and Its Impact on Diverse Populations

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Dr. Karen WinkfieldDr. Karen Winkfield
Jason Gray NC Rural CenterJason Gray
Adam Sotak NC ChildAdam Sotak

Join us as our Speakers for this Evening’s Webinar will focus on the following discussion...

Karen M Winkfield, MD, PhD, Radiation Oncologist, Co-Chair NC Advisory Committee on Cancer Coordination & Control
Dr. Winkfield will discuss “Health Care Disparities for People of Color and Other Minority Groups.” What factors contribute to disparate health outcomes? An overview of the impact of social location (race, gender, education, employment, income, disability, age, and other variables) on access, quality, and affordability of healthcare and health outcomes.

Jason Gray, Senior Fellow for Research & Policy, NC Rural Center
Jason Gray will talk with us about “Rural Health in NC, a System in Crisis.” This talk will explore the closure of rural hospitals, the lack of healthcare providers, and the unique issues facing rural residents of our state, touching also on how NC’s refusal to expand Medicaid has exacerbated the problems.

Adam Sotak, Public Engagement Officer, NC Child
Adam Sotak shares with us “Health Challenges Facing Women and Children.” The unique challenges that women and vulnerable children face under our current healthcare system. The work of NC Child and other advocacy organizations and how they areas trying to make a difference.

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Voices on Health Care NC Oct 7 2020 - 12th Annual Jack Crum Conference

Health Care, the Bible, Christian Tradition, and Current Perspectives

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Dr. Laceye WarnerRev. Dr. Laceye Warner
Dr. G. Scott MorrisDr. G. Scott Morris
Rev. Dr. George McClainRev. Dr. George McClain

Join us as our Speakers for this Evening’s Webinar will focus on the following discussion...

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Laceye Warner, Associate Dean for Wesleyan Engagement, Duke Divinity School
Talk: “Primitive Physick - Care of the Sick in Early Methodism”
Dr. Warner will discuss biblical and John Wesley’s Early Methodist Views on Acts of Mercy, Health, and Healing the Sick.

Speaker: Dr. G. Scott Morris, Founder & CEO, Church Health (Memphis, TN)
Talk: “How Our Current Healthcare System Developed, the Church’s Role, and How the Church Might Reengage”
Dr. Morris in this talk will touch on the 19th century pastor “healer,” growth of charitable hospitals, how employer-based health insurance & other changes in healthcare financing had an impact on church-based & public charitable hospitals and the ways Church Health, Memphis is trying to reclaim the church’s role in providing health care.

Speaker: Rev. Dr. George McClain, former national executive director, Methodist Federation for Social Action
Talk: “An Activist Theological Perspective on Systemic Change in Health Care Delivery”
During this session of our webinar, Rev. Dr. McClain will discuss how our health care institutions are part of the biblical “principalities and powers,” that need to be (continually) “unmasked,” “engaged,” and “redeemed” from the clutches of greed, profiteering, racism, etc. Now is a Kairos moment for God’s movement among us and through us.

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Journeying toward Justice Speaker Series, Dr. David Campt

How do we talk about difficult topics? The answer is WITH LOVE AND COMPASSION. In order to build BRIDGES with those with whom we DISAGREE, we need tools for CONSTRUCTIVE, RESPECTFUL, and COMPASSIONATE dialogue. In this workshop, DR. DAVID CAMPT will help us gain the SKILLS we need for COMMUNICATION instead of CONFRONTATION.

This event takes place on Friday evening, March 6 from 7:30-9:00 PM (Keynote Address); Saturday March 7 from 2:00-6:00 PM (Introductory Workshop); and Sunday, March 29 from 1:30 to 5:30 PM (Follow Up Practice/Debriefing).

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MFSA NCC is a proud cosponsor of this event. Please consider attending and also mentioning to your church.