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Voices on Health Care NC Oct 14 2020 - 12th Annual Jack Crum Conference

Our Health Care Crisis and Its Impact on Diverse Populations

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Dr. Karen WinkfieldDr. Karen Winkfield
Jason Gray NC Rural CenterJason Gray
Adam Sotak NC ChildAdam Sotak

Join us as our Speakers for this Evening’s Webinar will focus on the following discussion...

Karen M Winkfield, MD, PhD, Radiation Oncologist, Co-Chair NC Advisory Committee on Cancer Coordination & Control
Dr. Winkfield will discuss “Health Care Disparities for People of Color and Other Minority Groups.” What factors contribute to disparate health outcomes? An overview of the impact of social location (race, gender, education, employment, income, disability, age, and other variables) on access, quality, and affordability of healthcare and health outcomes.

Jason Gray, Senior Fellow for Research & Policy, NC Rural Center
Jason Gray will talk with us about “Rural Health in NC, a System in Crisis.” This talk will explore the closure of rural hospitals, the lack of healthcare providers, and the unique issues facing rural residents of our state, touching also on how NC’s refusal to expand Medicaid has exacerbated the problems.

Adam Sotak, Public Engagement Officer, NC Child
Adam Sotak shares with us “Health Challenges Facing Women and Children.” The unique challenges that women and vulnerable children face under our current healthcare system. The work of NC Child and other advocacy organizations and how they areas trying to make a difference.

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